Spiritual Intelligence

Given below are 20 statements with five options viz. strongly agree, agree, uncertain, disagree and strongly disagree respectively. Read each statement carefully and select one response that most accurately describes you. These statements are designed to measure various characteristics, behaviours and thought processes. The responses should be what you do in actual practice rather than what you want to do.

(Test is an adaptation of “Scale for spiritual intelligence. PsycTests. doi: 10.1037/t16725-000)

Time: 10 mins.

1.I cannot face new situations easily.
2.I know the meaning of my life.
3.I think an individual should always respect the majority, and take decisions accordingly.
4.People do not believe/trust me readily.
5.My work/ actions help in generating consciousness and awakening in people.
6.I can sacrifice my needs for helping others, even if they are strangers.
7.Human values cannot always be preserved/ protected.
8.In the absence of a leader in the group, I will provide it leadership, selflessly.
9.I do not mind violence for the fulfillment of my interest.
10.I am able to face every situation successfully due to my flexible nature.
11.I actively support those organizations / people who help the downtrodden.
12.In my life I would like to serve humanity, even though I have to bear pain for it.
13.According to me an individual should always fulfill one’s own needs before thinking about others.
14.There is no sense in bearing pain for the progress of others.
15.Decisions cannot always be taken on the basis of conscience.
16.I do not waste time in knowing about the fundamental questions of nature, human existence etc.
17.I am unable to provide directions to work on the basis of self-discretion/ prudence.
18.My interest is in serving humanity irrespective of the extent of opposition to it.
19.Regardless of my personal interest, I work for the welfare of society by coordinating between people and resources.
20.By channelizing my thoughts, I am able to teach the lesson of humanity to others.