Storybooks can lead to scholastic success

A recent study published by UC Riverside psychologist Cecilia Cheung shows a link between storybooks and school performance. For her study, published in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Cheung compared storybooks in the U.S. and Mexico with those in China. She chose 380 storybooks prescribed by education ministries in the respective countries, for children aged 3 to 11. Largely, Cheung and her team found the Chinese storybooks celebrated the behaviours associated with learning and hard work whereas to their surprise, they found U.S. and Mexican storybooks had a shared emphasis on self-esteem and social competence. The findings suggest that storybooks play a key role in establishing the values that can help determine scholastic success in children. The qualities of hard work and perseverance are developed in early stages of childhood.

Source: ScienceDaily