Building Connect

Provide a platform for psychologists, counsellors and researchers to connect with industry and community. It will also enable individuals to connect with experts.

Knowledge Sharing

Platform for researchers from the domain of Psychology to communicate their research to masses.

Psychological Assessment and Training

Nurturing human capital by providing customized psychological solutions. Psychological assessment and training services for executives and students (pursuing professional courses).


Building Human Capital

We all acknowledge psychology plays an important role in building performance. However when we need the resources, we often find ourselves confused. The internet revolution has enabled better and faster information sharing. But this has also lead to more confusion in the minds of those who seek solutions. This can happen to a CEO, HR manager, educational administrator or any individual. In the modern complex world, knowledge of psychology can offer many good insights and solutions. Only the outlook towards problems should be right. Right outlook within an individual often creates an algorithm leading towards innovative solutions. In last 100 years, Psychology as a discipline has done immense progress in finding solutions and interventions to complex human problems. But somehow the benefits have not trickled down to those who need it. The dissemination of knowledge and interventions has remained in the fortified walls of universities and research institutions. Scientific progress has not been able to cross the boundaries of universities and research institutions. Our aim is to provide innovative psychological interventions for building human capital for industry and educational institutions. This platform will also enable you to connect to various psychological resources available in the country. Further young researchers can share their researches using this innovative platform.


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